Our Vision, Mission and Shared Values

Mission: Our mission is to create value for our customers, lasting partnerships with our vendors, opportunities for our employees, and returns for our investors.

Vision: Our vision is to be the first stop for customer’s buying home goods or making home improvements because they know if we carry it, they won’t find a better value anywhere else.

Shared Values: In pursuit of our mission and vision, we believe in…..

Cultivating Customers for Life – We are only as successful as our customers make us. Without them, we would not exist. We care about our customers and about helping them to find solutions. HOBO teammates know that our customers have many other places to shop, so they deliver excellent customer service to cultivate customers for life.

Respect for Others – We are all members of the HOBO team serving a diverse customer base. We encourage open, honest two-way communication. We embrace different backgrounds, cultures, and opinions of our teammates to better serve our customers and each other. We encourage each teammate’s involvement because each teammate’s voice matters.

Choosing the Right Path – We know that every decision we make has consequences to others. We believe in behaving with integrity; being honest, safe, ethical, and compliant with company policy and the law; and accepting responsibility for our actions.

Developing Our Teammates – Our teammates are the key to our success. We develop our teammates with on-going training, learning, development, and feedback. We encourage them to share their knowledge, skills, and abilities with each other to perform at the highest level.

Driving and Embracing Change – The only constant at HOBO is change. We encourage thinking creatively and taking intelligent risks to proactively explore ways of doing more with less and improving the business.

Delivering Results – Results are the measures of success. We set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timely) goals to meet standards, deadlines, and objectives. We reward results to contribute to the long-term success of HOBO.

Leadership – We know that successful businesses are dependent upon strong confident leaders. We provide purpose, direction, and cooperation.

Helping Others – We are grateful to have teammates that care about their local community. We provide encouragement and support for our teammates to give back of their time and talents.

Our Benefits

Since our teammates show their dedication to the success and health of HOBO through their hard work, HOBO demonstrates its dedication to their success and health by offering a wide selection of benefits to suit their needs.

HOBO_Career Benefits


 Store Opportunities

The teammates in our stores represent HOBO to over a million customers each year. The following are examples of opportunities that may be knocking at our stores:


Cashier/Service Desk – Provide quick, friendly and accurate processing of register transactions to leave our customers with a positive lasting impression of HOBO.

Department Supervisor – Ensure their team achieves the sales, service, merchandising, and presentation goals of their assigned department(s) through frequent direction and follow-up with their assigned team.

Front End Supervisor/Customer Service Supervisor – Ensure the efficient, friendly and accurate operation of the front end of the store.

HR Support Rep – Manage and execute a variety of human resources and other administrative functions for the store including: hiring, orientations, scheduling, training, performance management, safety, record keeping, and inter-store merchandise transfers for customers.

Kitchen & Bath Design Specialist – Assist customers in a friendly, professional, complete and accurate way through the product selection and computer added design process for kitchen cabinets and countertops, bathroom vanities and tops, fixtures and accessories.

Loader/Lot Attendant – Provide quick, friendly and safe loading assistance to customers. Assist in unloading trucks, stocking shelves and keeping the store clean and safe.

Maintenance – Clean the inside and the outside of the store, including break room, offices, restrooms, sales floor, warehouse, sidewalks, etc.

Pricing Coordinator – Ensure SKU and inventory accuracy in the POS system as well as the accurate and timely presentation of all current price labels and signs in the store for ad events, promotions, price changes, and everyday label maintenance.

Receiver – Ensure the safe and timely loading and unloading of trucks matching all inbound and outbound merchandise to the corresponding paperwork and maintain the safety and organization of the warehouse.

Sales/Stocker – Maintain fully stocked, signed and displayed shelves and assist customers with product location and selection choices.

Sales Specialist – Assist customers in a friendly, professional, complete and accurate way through the product selection process for big ticket items and projects throughout flooring, furniture, appliances, electronics, bath, etc.

Special Order Clerk – Provide accurate and timely processing of special orders. Ensure accurate special-order pricing and frequent and complete follow-up between customers, designer, vendors, shippers, and installers.


Assistant Store Manager – Manage the sales, service, merchandising, and presentation of their assigned department(s) and the rests of the store through frequent direction and follow-up with the supervisors and staff.

Customer Service Manager – Manage the layout and presentation of merchandising across the front end as well and the operational processes and customer service and satisfaction of the front end staff including front end supervisors/customer service supervisor, cashiers, service desk teammates, and loaders/lot attendants.

Store Manager – Manages the total operation of the store and ensures the store meets all sales, customer service, margins, expenses, operating profit, inventory investment, store presentation, front-end, receiving, and human resources expectations.


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